Guiding steps
    • 1
      Select Power Application Service
    • 2
      Select purpose, Category, Application type, Identification type and identification number
    • 3
      Use National Identification Card Number (NIN) for application intended for residential purpose with the format: 1984081911660000xxx
    • 4
      Use Company Registration Number/TIN for Company or Institutions
    • 5
      Click Start New Application
    • 6
      Fill in Profile, Contact Person and property details
    • 7
      Click Submit Application
    • 8
      You will receive a message upon successful filling and submitting application details
    • 9
      Click List of Contractor to see eligible Electrical contractors or may visit their office to select contractor of your choice
    • 10
      Share system generated application number and phone number to the contractor of your choice to enable him to fill wiring details into the system.
    • 11
      Electrical Contractor will fill in wiring details and his declaration and submit the applicant details to TANESCO through the online portal
    • 12
      An Applicant will be notified through direct SMS upon submission of his wiring details by the Electrical Contractor to TANESCO
    • 13
      TANESCO shall survey the area to establish cost and requirements for connections thereafter customer will be given a quotation amount and control number to affect payments through direct SMS or Downloading from the Power Application portal
    • 14
      Customer will affect payment through various payment channels
    • 15
      Customer will be notified through direct SMS upon successful payment
    • 16
      TANESCO shall connect the power to enlighten customer’s life