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Online power application

Power Application Guideline

Please Click Click here for the detailed required application guideline, see the online application process flow below
  •     1. Step One – Basic Information.
    • Select power application purpose.
    • Select Application category.
    • Select Applicant type.
    • Select Identification type.
    • Enter Identification number.
    • Click Start new Application
  •     2. Step two – Property Information
    • Contacts details.
    • Alternative contacts.
    • Property details.
    • Electrical system in the building
    • Click Submit Application.
    • Upload signed owner consent form if you are applying as a tenant, print the Consent form at the end of the this guideline.
    • Print application and agreement for power supply form.
    • Read and agree to terms and conditions of power supply
    • Click submit to contractor if you are performing wiring, or click submit to TANESCO if you are using readyboard: